2005-05-24 19:36:17 (UTC)

My Alphabetized Existence/The Letter K

I'm not very good at keeping track of my keys. If I
remember I try to put them on my nightstand before I go to
bed and then put them in my jumper pocket when I get dressed
in the morning. Still, throughout the day I'll leave them
on the dining room table or my desk or the coffee table and
then I'll have to hunt for them.

Knitting (see: mittens, sweater)
My mother taught me to knit when I was eight or
nine years old but I only knit scarves and hats until I was
an adult. The story of my first sweater is a long one and
I'll save that to write as a separate entry.

My brother Marc and I loved to fly kites when we
were ten and eleven. We'd spend hours making them and then
spend all afternoon flying them. They were simple, made of
newspapers and scotch tape, and we used some of our Dad's
old ties for the tails. Kites always bring back happy
memories for me.


Kiss, first
Ralph was one of four brothers who lived next door to us and he gave me my first kiss when I was eight and he was nine. He was very sophisticated for a nine year old. We were playing in his pool and he asked me if I'd ever been kissed underwater. Of course, I'd never been kissed at all but I thought years later that that was a very clever thing to say. He gave me a little peck on the cheek underwater and yes, I kept my eyes open!

Unexpected kindness always brings me to tears. It doesn't have to be much--a smile or a brief touch or a few words.

I like kumquats because I like the word "kumquat".
It's an exotic sounding name for an exotic fruit. I wonder
if I'd liked them as much if they had an ordinary sounding name. Probably not.