slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-05-25 03:56:06 (UTC)

such a lucky Master

Hi slave jess,
I am so glad we got to chat some last night. For those
reading I am moving and that is stressful. Had a friend
helping me with move especially the cleaning old place part.
Friend is very vanilla and not a fan of long distance
dating but she wishes me well. she also has issues with
some mental things from her youth.
So we had words over the help. She thought of it from her
view, not my view and so we talked it out.

I do lead a busy life and so house work especially dusting
seems to wait most of the time.

Was able to chat with my slave and get stuff off my chest.

This whole move thing and so much more makes me realize
how much I wish my slave was here living with me, pleasing
me as she always does, but more for that partner in life,
that one that in addition to loving me, wishes to serve me,
help me with tasks, be that person in my life....being
single is not fun and know I have someone and we have to
deal with distance and everything but am sure it will work
out. But I so look forward to holding her in my arms as we
sleep, I know her binding helps her, wish I had her here to
hold, she is in my dreams when I dream.....she is my dream
come true.

I know in a few days my sweet slave will have a new way to
think of me every day, a reminder of my love, my
committment as her Master, Owner, Lover, Fiance and someday

I hope her pride in gift makes her as happy as she always
makes me.

Master Joel

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