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2005-05-24 11:06:57 (UTC)

puffer fishies


the weekend was good...fri me n elena saw house of wax....and it was
slow moving but in the end good....paris hilton isnt as bad of an actor
that i thought.....

saturday me n marsh went to the crew game...and they won thier 3rd
game this season (?) we met up with hannah there and hannah i am
SOOOO SORRY!! lol dont ask....

i gavve marsh his bannana for lauren....hehe...i wonder what shel
say....apparently marsh was gonna try his shot glass but with chocolate
milk... cool?

sunday marsh came over for a while and had a good diner con mi
familia..we watched lord of the rings the two towers extended and
theses hallarious videos at redvsblue.com....go there youyll laugh...hard

all i can say about this weekend is....dont kill the puffer fishes!!!! lol

have a fantastic week!

things to get me through the week...
1 polo tues
2marsh wed (?)
3 polo thurs....and no more parents
4 collesium and marsh

things not to look forward to
1)bev...dont ask

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