Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-05-23 17:33:42 (UTC)

Rain and work

Dearest Master,

Well, what can this slave say. Today You had to return to
work, and You are not feeling good about it. You are a
strong and talented man, and You have the ability to
perservere. this slave is here for You, supporting You at
every turn. this slave loves You so very much, and she does
not want You to feel anxious.

Yesterday, W/we visited a hospitalized relative, and now,
come to find out, this relative will be sent to a nursing
home for rehabilitation. This fact has caused a lot of
anxiety for family members, but this is really not something
they should be worrying about. Being transferred to a
nursing home actually means an improvement in their
condition. It is just a temporary situation, used to make
sure the patient is strong enough to go home as soon as
possible. this slave has tried to call and speak with
family members, but has been unable to contact anyone as of yet.

Today was the last day of school for one of O/our children.
The rest will be done by Friday. this slave is glad that
school is nearly over. she is looking forward to a good
summer. this slave's unemployment compensation will run out
soon, and she is not sure what she should be doing. Should
she try to find another evening job, or should she just stay
home with the kids. she is really torn. she misses working
in a way, but the thought of having to leave the kids to go
back to work does not make her happy. this slave will
definitely not take a day job, because she is not ready to
give up homeschooling. O/our children are far too important.

Today is an ugly, rainy day, and the kids are stuck inside.
this slave better get back downstairs and do a little
entertaining! this slave loves You so much, Master. she
is, and will always be, Your loving, loyal and devoted