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2005-05-23 13:28:31 (UTC)


I don't really know what to write. I think that I want to
take up poetry, I have never really cared for it, but I
think it would be good for me. Who knows, I might really
like it. I have never really given it a fair chance. I am
listening to out chamber orchestra right now, dang they
are good. There sound is incredible. I am kinda bored
right now, turns out I have a free block @ the moment.
There are so many emotions in me at one given time. I am
very upset with my parents. I often feel like they don't
respect me. The have to constantly tell me what to do. I
get no breaks. Urggg. Life is so intresting. Gotta love it
however. I guess you could say I am bored right now.
So I guess I will go. Well I gtg. Maybe I will start a
poem about time. hahahha.
Well gtg

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