Spreading My Wings
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2005-05-23 08:18:32 (UTC)


Right now I needa pee so bad but I don't want to get up
because it's so freaking cold. I refuse to leave my warm
spot that I've made for the past 2 hours.. lol..

Well let's see.. the summer is going by sloooow!.. I kind
of can't wait to take my summer classes but at the same
time Im a bit afraid because well.. I have no idea why. I
got my grades back the other week and yes I passed of all
my classes.. Im so happy! So I got at least this summer
and the fall to get my associates. YIPPEE! (hehe.. i just
said pee again)..

Hmm.. I haven't been doing too much lately. Just sitting
at home not caring about a single thing. Basically Im
lonely deep inside but I don't want to admit it in person
to anyone. I urge for someone to hold me, or kiss my
forehead. I want to hear someone's heartbeat next to me
and I want to feel some skin! But I don't know when Ill
be able to actually do that.. hopefully sometimes soon.
There's only one person who I want.. but I haven't seen
him in such a long time.

Anyways, Im going to end here now.. Everyone Wang Chung

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