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2005-05-23 06:14:04 (UTC)

Swinging Under A Clear Blue Sky

So last night I was bored and when I went for my walk I
forgot that the key was on the dryer so the second the
locked door closed I was like "Shit I just locked myself
out" because well I just totally rememberd. Talk about
remmebering something a second too late. Anyways. So I
went to the Craigavon park and swinged for awhile. And
they have some pretty decent swings there I might add.
Then these girls obviously wanted the swings so I was like
whatever I'll just go to the Heritage Hills park. So I
walk all the way up there and they don't even have swings!
What a rip! And there was no way I was about to swing in a
baby swing. haha no. So I kept walking and I found this
area that was being developed (I seriously didn't think
there were many of those within walking distance anymore)
and so I went into this house that was being built. And it
already had doors and windows and stuff only they didn't
close the door in the garage all the way so I went in and
walked around. Me and my family used to bike around
Heritage Hills when it was a new area and there was lots
of houses being built to check out houses and walk around
them and that's the first time in lots of years that I've
actually done that so that was pretty cool. Then I saw a
dirt pile and rememberd me and my sisters and Blaire and
Jillayne and whoever else playing on them when there were
houses being built on our street and how much fun we had
pretending they were our houses and having "rooms" and
everything. Talk about imagination. lol you wouldn't
belive how much I'd love to do that again. It was so much
fun! So it was pretty cool just getting away from "now"
and remembering stuff from the past and some good times.
Then I walked around the lake and came back home. lol I
was actually gone for a really long time. I walked all the
way to the edge of Heritage Hills so basicly I was on the
outskirts of Sherwood Park. Hmm then me and Kayla talked
on the phone for a bit and then when we hung up I just
watched TV in my room. lol then I watched "What Not To
Wear" then I was tired so I went to bed.

Today I was rudly awakened by Kayla phoning me and telling
me to wake up because me and her and Katie were gonna do
something today. And on the weekends it takes me forever
to get up and forever to get ready because usually I have
like no motivation whatsoever. Especially not this weekend
which has actually been extremely boring. So I finally did
get up, my motivation being that I wanted to eat the half
a chocolate chip muffin I'd saved for today, only to find
out that my mother got to it before I did and that clearly
I have to mark stuff I don't want eaten by my family! So
that just totally set me off in a bad mood. So I ate a
cinnamon bun after not finding any icing sugar to make
icing and instead opening up some icing thinger we had in
the pantry which turned out to be not too bad. After my
shower and my extreme slowness of getting ready I was in a
better mood and then Kayla came over and we rollerbladed
to Katies. Then we decided to go to Little Caesars for
lunch. So me and Kayla split Crazy Bread and I also had a
slurpee from Max. Yes we are so nutricious. Whatever. I'm
sure we worked it all off rollerblading. Then we went to
Katies and her brother, Brian, sure is a crazy one. lol we
had a water fight with him and we stole his cell phone and
wrestled him and outsmarted him and well...we won. haha.
So that was a grand time. And he made fun of me and Kayla
because when we were looking up Alex's phone number to see
if there was church tonight I grabbed all three phone
books and me and Kayla phoned like Alex (who wasn't home
and I talked to his dad), Jodi, Jodi's cell, Scotts cell
and then we gave up and checked the St. Jolivet site and
found out that we weren't gonna go to church tonight. So
yay on that. So Katie took her dog, Sadie, for a walk and
me and Kayla came back here and made KD for supper and
went online to try to find people to go to the Craigavon
park with us to play soccer or i dunno, something. But
nobody was on really so me and Kayla went because Katie
didn't want to because it looked like it was gonna rain.
And it thundered a bit. And me and Kayla got really
excited only it was a waste of our excitement because I
didn't even storm. It didn't even rain a little bit. So
that was pretty disappointing. So anyways we went to the
park and we swang. Then we walked back here then across
the street to the lake and we sat there. And then we came
back here and ate chips and carrots and Kayla had some
pizza then we phoned Katie and she came over and the three
of us watched "Raise Your Voice." I really like that
movie. And I totally wish I had a big brother like that.
Only I don't. I have two little sisters. Whoot. So yeah.
Then after the movie they left and now I'm here - eating
Frootloops. lol they're yummie. Shut up. :P I should
probably go to bed soon though. I have to wake up early to
be at school at 9 for moving the set to Festival Place for
Suessical. Grr to waking up early. I'll probably be late.

Hmm but I'm not gonna go to bed yet. I need a drink. brb.
So I got rootbeer. I wanted juice but I already had a
glass with a bit of rootbeer in it from earlier when me
and Kayla were eating before the movie. Aha there's like
no way I'm gonna beable to drag myself outta bed this
morning. So anyways I guess I'll go to bed soon. G'night

Love forever and Always,
Nicole 3