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2005-05-23 04:38:04 (UTC)

softball and friends

Well today was a very boring day. I just sat at home and
watched tv and played video games. Then I went and got
some lunch for my grandma and I and stopped by Meijer to
look around, I did end up getting some more Graduation
cards. After that I came home and sat around until 3 then
it started to rain. Ashley came over around 445 and we
started to watch Happy Gilmore, then we both went over to
Kreager Park for my 2 softball games. In the first game I
went 1-2 with an in-side the park homerun, but we lost by
10 runs. In the second game I went 2-2 with 2 singles and
a walk, and we won by 15 runs. We played a great game, and
Ashley got to see me play softball for the first time.
Then we came back and watched the rest of Happy Gilmore,
what a funny movie. Well it was an awesome time and glad
that I got to see my best friend. Hope everyone has an
awesome week.

Joshua Ryan