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2005-05-23 03:01:40 (UTC)

Praying as Meditation

I read an article recently which said that when people
meditated their blood pressure went down. I was surprised
when I read this that the only mention made was of
transcendental meditation. Don't the researchers know that
prayer will do the same thing? I know that my breathing
becomes slower and more regular and I feel calm and relaxed
when I say the rosary. It only takes ten or fifteen minutes
or so to do but I suspect the physical effect it has on me
lasts longer.
There were only about fifteen of us at church this morning.
I think the quilt show tired out many of us! Several
couples are traveling--some went to family reunions
out-of-state and one lady went to Hawaii to visit her
daughter. That meant there weren't many of us to finish up
the food left over from the quilt show. We had sandwiches,
chips, drinks and pie and spent an hour eating and visiting
and that was great fun!
Later this week I'm going to put up the photos of the quilt
show on my webshots page.

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