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2005-05-23 02:58:36 (UTC)

Quilt Show

Our church had their third annual quilt show Friday and
Saturday. I baked four pies--apple, peach, blueberry and
cherry to sell by the slice and brought six quilts to show.
I also brought my frame and it was set up right in front so
that I could give a demonstration of live quilting. That
was fun! One lady wanted to bring her elderly mother over
to see me quilting but the mother said, "Oh, no dear! I
wouldn't want to disturb her!" I smiled and reassured her
that I was there to be disturbed and she was welcome to come
and look, which she did. I received many compliments on my
quilts, especially the "Snowbound" quilt which I was
quilting. During my rest breaks I enjoyed talking about
quilts with Carol and Juanita.

We had about 60 quilts and probably close to 100 people came
to see them. We had many different exhibitors than last
year. We had modern quilts and some over 100 years old;
tied ones, hand-quilted ones and some that were machine
quilted. We had pieced, appliquéd and embroidered quilts.
There was a nice variety and many, many which were quite

We also had a mystery guest. A man, in his late 30's
perhaps, came alone and paid his entry fee and then spent
only a few minutes, quickly rushing around, glancing very
briefly at each quilt. He was carefully watched by several
of us, including Pastor Ruth, as this was so unusual. One
lady said later she thought perhaps he was planning to rob
us as this was late in the afternoon and we had several
hundred dollars in cash but he left as quickly as he came
and we never saw him again. It was very odd.