Autum's Leaves
2005-05-22 23:28:54 (UTC)

Feels like...Foreplay??

Friday was Spring Fling, followed by Open Mic Night,
the last one. I teched for the earlier part, then sat in
the crowd when the real show started.

I was sitting in the left section when THEY came on to
play. They did the song every girl loves, and of course,
the girls went crazy, while I'm just sitting there with a
grin that can't be concealed. I had goosebumps the whole
time they played. I only watched the Kid a little. His
girlfriend was there and he sat with her (but as a side
note, I am SO much hotter than her, and Sexxy Mamasita
thinks he's secretly in love with me).

That's when I realized it. Listening to those guys and
my other favorite group, it's like really great foreplay.
You get so excited, there's always goosebumps on your
arms, you feel like you could stay in that moment forever,
but you still yearn for something more. You never want it
to end. My ass was numb and I didn't care. It gives you
the ability to forget your pain, your troubles, you get
lost in the moment, forget everything else, but them, him.

It was great. My other fav. band got up to play and my
partner in crime yelled I love you to the guy who played
bass. The lead singer just started at me for a minute. I
ended up staring at all of them at one point or another
and they all smiled back, except the drummer (who'se one
of my favorite people) who just kinda shook his head at me
since he was so into playing. It made me feel good to tell
you the truth...and left me wanting some REAL foreplay for