*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-05-22 22:10:35 (UTC)

A smile continues . . .

Yeah I know, 3rd entry today, shows I have nothing to do,
execpt that I really do, Funny how that works. Ummm I
thought I would try to continue the smile entry from a
while ago. When things are very difficult, sometimes it
helps to look on the positive side of things. Ummm so
yeah the list will continue on:

- Did well at my concert on Fri.
- Went over Emmie's
- looked kinda pretty today for church
- had pizza for lunch
- didn't have a harp lesson on Friday
- Saw Star Wars this week, finally
- I no longer have any D's in my classes, just C's.
- they are fading more, physically at least
- School is almost over, in most ways that is a good thing
- I think I might be going down a pants size, I hope lol
- Got 100% attendance is seminary and finish the scripture
- getting a bit more sleep
- getting tan for lax, which saddly in now over

Thats all I can come up with right now, but I guess it is
a start.

-*~*Silent Tears*~*