Breathless Confessions
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2005-05-22 22:09:54 (UTC)

parents are crazy, will od in future

wut are my parents crazy?
things i hate about my life
-my mom is crazy
-my mom is mean
-my mom might read this
-if my mom does she will beat the shit out of me
-she always talks
-she thinks she is so much better than everyone because
she is foriegn
-she hates black americans
-she hates white americans
-she hates mexicans
-she hates everyone that is not a foreigner to america and
everone who speaks spanish
-she is bent on believing that americans are ignorant,
(you guys are pretty ignorant) but just yesterday,
Saturday, we saw chinese people in a store and she said
really loud, Chan Chang Chow Chin. (dont ask how i remeber)
-she is really embarrsssing
-she makes the house smell with our african food
-some food actually taste good , but most of it,
consisting of fish, doesnt
-i hate fish and everyone always cooks it
-because i am a little skinny, my mom says i will (notice
the future tense) become anorexic.
-yea, right
- I hate food, i love candy
- I will probably be a defunctional adult when i grow up,
because i was so deprived of the few things i needed as a
kid, like freedom, and candy
-i hate kids, i dont kno why
-if i dont OD on candy when i grow older i will probably
hang myself
(they say that all the time in books, so why not?)
-ahh, what a crazy life
-i wonder if anyone reads this......
-i wish i had an online blog....
oh yeah, i am still searching for the sims2 on sale, so...