*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-05-22 21:50:13 (UTC)

Update 2

Hey all,
Ummm things are going okay. I have most of my hw
done, except studying for a test that I probably won't
study for, but should anyway. The joys of spanish. I
talked to my dad about AIM again and found out that he has
some other reasons why he doesn't want me to have AIM.
More of the not trusting me things again, but well i
talked to him and hopefully I am on the road to convicing
him that I deserve to have AIM back. Saw Star Wars again
this weekend, and yeah I know I am obsessive but who cares
it was so freakin awesome! The characters in that movie
are so developed and seem so life like, and the conflicts
too, wow, it is just a excelent movie. Even if you are
not a Star Wars fan, there is a lot that can be taken from
this movie, a lot of life lessons. I feel for the main
characters and the conflicts they face, as well for the
tragic way that the story finally unfolds. I don't want
to say more, incase you haven't seen it yet, but if you
haven't I command you to do so NOW!!! lol. *waves hand,
you will go see star wars now.* *laughs are your weak
mindedness as you go towards the movie theater.* The
power of the force. That would be so cool to have the
force, and don't I wish . . . *goes into little dream
world of strangeness* lol. Ummm I guess that is all. Oh
yeah, I decided to get back into drawing again, maybe it
will help again, I am not sure. It did once, so there is
always hope, I suppose. Bye!

*~*Silent Tears*~*

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