*~*Silent Tears*~*

2005-05-22 21:30:07 (UTC)


Yeah, I know, a heavy topic that everyone has something to
say about, go figure. But yeah I wanted to say something
about it because I just found out that a good friend of
mine is Pregnant. I will not say who it is, because it is
not my place to tell her story, so don't ask me, not at
all. But yeah, she is and well she wants to keep the baby
and so does the father, however the father's parents want
an abortion and are trying to convince her to do that. It
is sad to see her in this position. It is both her fault,
her boy friends fault and their parents fault. I really
wish them good luck. She is thinking to put the baby up
for adoption or to keep it, but she is against getting an
abortion which I am proud of her for. People say that
abortion is the choose of the mother, and is the mother's
right to choose. However the mother already made her
choice, to have sex, and now she has to deal with the
concequences of it, not kill it off. Abortions are easy
ways out for cowards who are selfish beyond all reason.
If they can't take care of the baby, then the should bring
it into the world and then put it up for adoption for
someone who will love it. Better that, than denying the
child life at all, or at least that is what I think. I
don't really want to hold a debat about this. If you are
a person who thinks differently, then kutos to you, you
have the freedom of your own thoughts, I am just stating
mine. I wish my friend the best of luck, and I hope I can
be there for her now when she needs people the most. So
yeah, just a memo out to the world, to think about what
you do before you do it, cuz guess what there is no
turning back once the deed is done, and then you have a
price to pay. So yeah, just be smart and think a little,
because some debts will take your whole life to pay.
Anyway, my random words of advice and stuff, but I am a
hypocrite, so yeah, do what is right, not what I do and
enjoy the rest of your weekend.

-*~*Silent Tears*~*