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2005-05-22 20:28:05 (UTC)

Please sign emergency petition to save our courts

This just in from Please help by signing the


I just signed MoveOn PAC's emergency petition to stop the
"nuclear option" the far right wing's plan to seize absolute
power to stack our courts -– and I hope you will sign too.

Starting Monday, the petition will be delivered straight to
Congress every three hours until the final vote, and many of
our comments will be read aloud on the Senate floor.

Please sign right now at:

Why is this an emergency?

This Tuesday, the Senate will vote on Republican Leader Bill
Frist's "nuclear option" to break the rules of the Senate
and give the Republican Party absolute control over
appointing federal judges.

For 200 years the minority's right to filibuster has kept
our courts fair, by making sure that federal judges needed
to get at least some support from both sides of the aisle
before they were given life time appointments.

If Frist eliminates the filibuster, his next step would be
to force far right partisan judges onto the powerful U.S.
Courts of Appeals. The real targets, however, are the four
seats on the Supreme Court likely to become vacant in the
next four years.

With that much power on the Supreme Court, the far right
could strike down decades of progress on labor rights,
environmental protections, reproductive rights, and privacy.

The "nuclear option" will live or die by a final vote,
probably on Tuesday, and the vote is still way too close to
call. There are at least 6 moderate Republicans still on the
fence and only 3 more votes needed to win. If we can get
enough of our voices into congress and into the streets in
the next 72 hours, we can still save our courts.

Please take a minute to join me and sign the emergency
petition today.




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