Autum's Leaves
2005-05-22 15:07:07 (UTC)

Life Is Crazy

Sorry I haven't written in awhile and I'm sorry I
can't do it right now. My life has been SUPER busy and I
haven't had much time to do anything at home lately. In
fact, this is the first day I've actually been to my house
all weekend. But, this is going to remind me of the things
that I do have to write, cause I've been thinking about it.

-OMN and how music is like really good foreplay.

-My Saturday night, with people I really don't know.

So, today I have to clean...just because if I don't I'm
going to lose my mind. That's how messy my room is right
now. My agenda is as follows:
-take a shower
-look cute
-go job hunting
-hope that someone sends me some money in the mail for
graduation, cause I have five dollars and that's not gonna
cut it when I have to get gas for a V8.

Alright, I must go forth and clean.