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The Life of a Female Scorpio
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2005-05-22 14:43:26 (UTC)

She wants war? No problem.

Me and Y fought. Big time. Now the others agree with me.
THANK GOD. I didn't want to kick her out but everyone
agreed. I didn't say anything. If she wants to say
something she can tell it to my face. While my friends are
there. I happen to be a good friend. She is so huffy. She
thinks she's important and can do without anyone. Yeah,
well she getting one big surprise tomorrow, I'll swear.

Today she phoned.
- D, did you call?

- No.

- I have a missed call on my mob. It's your number.

- I didn't phone. Maybe it happened by mistake. I didn't

- Well, it's your number.

- I didn't phone.

- Fine.

- Bye.

Maybe she won't admit she wants to say sorry. Hmm. I'm not
saying it. No way. She can eat dirt.

Um...why am I so hostile?
She is the problem.

Thing is Drama. I have it worked out. I'll give the script
to Valerie. Not her. Two can play at that game, and so