daddy's little time bomb
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2005-05-22 06:45:38 (UTC)


Xxbeautifulshame: zeeda
LolWowImSoRad: yes?
Xxbeautifulshame: i love you.
Xxbeautifulshame: lol
LolWowImSoRad: haha]
LolWowImSoRad: 3
Xxbeautifulshame: this is chuttles
LolWowImSoRad: i knowww
Xxbeautifulshame: well shh
Xxbeautifulshame: ooo. tell me a nighty storrryyyy
Xxbeautifulshame: 3
LolWowImSoRad: hahaha
LolWowImSoRad: oh goodness
Xxbeautifulshame: do ittt!
LolWowImSoRad: haha i don't know howw
Xxbeautifulshame: yes huh.
Xxbeautifulshame: hmm.... what if i tell you one den you
tell me one
Xxbeautifulshame: hehe i win!
LolWowImSoRad: noo
LolWowImSoRad: its fine
LolWowImSoRad: haha
Xxbeautifulshame: HAVE to tell me one
LolWowImSoRad: im sor tired thoughh
Xxbeautifulshame: but...but..but:-(
LolWowImSoRad: im sorrryy
Xxbeautifulshame: i hate you zeeda!
Xxbeautifulshame: wouldnt even tell me a nighty story
LolWowImSoRad: ='[
Xxbeautifulshame: i cry more.
Xxbeautifulshame: ill have nightmares
Xxbeautifulshame: i actually did just hear a wierd noise.
LolWowImSoRad: eek!
Xxbeautifulshame: exaclty.

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