I drink Alone
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2005-05-22 06:25:19 (UTC)


Baby News:
Annaliese is the name! Now it's so much more personal...You
know that sounds strange. "Personal"
A little person is growing inside me and I'm wondering how
to get personal.

Beast News:
Paul doesn't want to sign his rights away..I understand it's
a big decision but still HE'S the one that wanted me to
abort it. I haven't slept very well since hearing that from
Now I'm worried because I don't know what he wants.

The attachment I have to Paul isn't the love type.
I know people don't understand why I stand up for him...
why I wish he'd come around.
It's not because I still hide feelings for him, it's not
about me.
It's about wanting the Father to be there.
I made big mistakes and all I'm trying and hoping for is the
best to come out of it.
I want the best for Annaliese (there, didn't that sound better)
But everything I try and do is taken for the worst.
I feel like I'm losing the one I love, the one I want to be
with.. but also the one that shouldn't have to deal with
this. The one I did wrong by causing all of this.
I'm confused..tomorrow will be the same but at least I get
some sleep in between :D

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