Living on love
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2005-05-22 06:08:58 (UTC)


Could it be that Ana found her Dulsura too?

First Otto, now life "just" giving me the
best of the it raining luck....are falling
stars we wish upon feeling and being the
next stop on the bus the "dreams coming true" square?

All I know is that everything seems to be going my way and
at times I'm afraid it's all too good to be true. Afraid
that some day I'll be pushed off from cloud 9, forced to
get real and to find out it lasted only as long as it

But even if some day I would have to wake up to find out
everything had been just the most beautiful of
dreams....and lasted just as long as it lasted....I'd
smile genuinly at awakening and cherish and treasure every
single second of it, for there is not one single soul
happier than mine......

Otto and Dulsura, how intensely happy you make me.........