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2005-05-22 02:56:26 (UTC)

I'm livin just to fall

Deeper is a great song. I love it. lol and I still have
Jodi's CD that I was listening to in California. :P hehe.
And I mostly just listened to that song too. And I'm
listening to it right now.

So yesterday. Well I slept till 1:30. That's like the
latest my parents have ever let me sleep. Then I had a
shower and got ready for the day and then my father and I
went to the driving range. I totally sucked. It was my
first time golfing this year and I was doing so good last
year and now I just plain suck. And halfway through my
bucket of balls my back started hurting immensly. Bending
over makes it hurt ALOT. So yeah. That's not good news.
But it was fun anyways. Then me, Katie and Kayla
rollerbladed to Sev and me and Kayla got free food from
McDonalds because Tom was being nice. And Adam was an ass
and threw garbage at me. Anyways after that we hung out on
my driveway for a bit and talked. Then they went to Katies
and I came in for a bit then when my parents came home I
told them I was going to Katies because me and her and
Kayla had a Dr. Phil watching date. So we did that and it
was fun then we got water guns and had a water fight
outside. lol that was funny. Then we laid on the floor in
Katies house and talked some more. lol aren't we just the
coolest? haha but it was a fun time. Then I came home at
like 10:30 and I watched TV with my family then I watched
TV in my room when they all went to bed.

Today- I slept in again. Not so late though. And I pretty
much lazed around all day. I was supposed to go to the
mall with Katie and Kayla only I didn't end up going
because I still had to have a shower and stuff and I had
to clean the house. So I cleaned and had a shower then I
moved my room around and then I rollerbladed to the
Library to return my overdue books. lol then we had supper
and it was really good because it was acutally one of the
first real meals I've had in a couple of days. We had
steak, potatoes, corn on the cob (which I can finally eat
now that I don't have braces!) and garlic bread and for
desert we had cherry cheesecake. So that was definately
good. Just as good as the first non-fast food meal we had
in Mexico/California. lol the breakfast at the church in
Coronado. Now that was amazingly good. So anyways then
Katie and Kayla showed up at my front door with Sadie
(Katie's dog) only then they had to go because Kayla's mom
was calling soon. They said they'd phone me only they
haven't and I'm totally bored and now I'm wishing I would
have gone to the movie with my family and Michelle's
soccer team but well it's too late for that. So I'm
thinking I'll go for a walk to a park and swing. Ooh ahh
yes I know I'm a thrilling one but I'm thinking that Katie
and Kayla aren't gonna be phoning me at all. Which sucks.
But oh well. At times like these...I wish I had a best
friend. Katie and Kayla are obviously the best friends in
our little group of three and it definately sucks
sometimes. Especially since lots of the times their
talking about all the stuff they're going to do at Katie's
lake this summer while I'm left here alone. They said that
Chelsea treated me like crap lots of the time which
probably was true and we're trying so hard not to cave in
and go crawling back to her but it sure makes it hard when
I'm kinda the odd-man out in our group of three. I really
wish I would have gone to West Ed Waterpark with Kayla
Billsburrow and all of that gang. Even though I don't
really fit in with them either but that's only because I
haven't really done anything with any of them and we
hardly know each other. But I couldn't go because last
Saturday I just got my belly button pierced. lol I should
have gone anyways. It sure would have been something to
do. But I guess I'll go for a walk now. Hasta la vista.

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