The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-05-22 02:29:16 (UTC)

I'm just tryin' to chase my dreams

Dear Diary

Hey there! How are you? I'm ok. I've been thinking a lot
about college today. I finally got my application fee today
so....I'm gonna turn it in on Monday. Woohoo! I also printed
out a housing form offline. Yay! I can't wait till I finally
get excepted. I really can't. I think college is gonna be
awsome. I just hope I don't get too wild. I know I will
though. I've been trapped for 18 years and I'm ready to get
out. lol. I'm just chasin' my dreams. lol.

In case your wondering I'm listening to Drumline soundtrack.
Great soundtrack. Very upbeat.

Anyways, I got prom Queen! Woohoo! I'm so happy. Amanda was
so pissed off! LOL! Oh well, she'll get over it. Totaly. It
was amazing though. Ashley Thomasan broke a chandelier!!!!
LOL! I laughed my ass off. Oh yeah and Val pal got Prncess!
I think that's what made me so happy. I know it meant a lot
to her. I know it meant a lot to me last year.

Well, it's two weeks till Graduation. How am I feeling? I
feel great. I'm not too sad but, I know when the day comes
I'm gonna be balling my eyes out. Oh shit! I start
Graduation practice on Monday. I'm really starting to feel
it. It's really real. I'm really through with school. I'm
really done with TSB. Oh god.

Oh yeah I talked to Karen and Ryan. They graduated May 19.
It's really hard to believe that they're out too. We're all
old now. LOL! Our youth is over. It's amazing how time
flies. I always thought it passed so slowly and the day
would never get here but, it's finally coming. There is a
light at the end of the tunnel. lol. I wish things could
have been different but, I really don't regret any
descisions I've made. Surpisingly. I hope my children don't
regret anything. I know I wrote in my other diary a while
back about letting my daughter read this...I meant it. I
really think I may give this to her before her freshman
year. I dont' want any screts. I wanther to know that I went
through the same kind of stuff she will. maybe not exactly
cause times will change but, similar. I want her to know
that I made mistakes and good choices and she can do the
same thing. I will still lover her anyway.

Well, I'm gone. I'm tired. I write back next weekend. k? bye bye


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