Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-05-21 08:06:28 (UTC)

I let u go......................... Angel please heal me, please, let me let go

I didnt like last nite, or yesterday in general. Im so
glad im leaving skool soon, so so glad. People are already
cryng but if i do cry it ill be tears of relief and not
pain, tears of joy and not sorrow.
Alex texted me asking if i was going to come round to his
house and pick up my stuff. Im not ready alex! I caled him
saying that, he was saying how much pain he is in. How
much he misses me. I dont feel anything for him anymore,
but i do still feel 'something' i cant reali say wat it
is, cause i dnt knw myself.But that 'somethng' was reali
affected last night. I couldnt sit and listen to alex. I
couldnt i nearly started crying on the fone, and i told
him that. Im sure he probably wanted me to cry. I havent
cried since the day we broke up until last nite. i even
went past the skatepark and i started shaking, i started
worrying, started thnking 'sht is he here' I just aint
ready to see him. Maybe part of me wants to b with him? oh
i dont knw .. i mean i just cant work it out what
this 'something' is, is it just fear, that he will hurt me
after everything i have done to him. Is it anger.. after
all the mean txts he sent me. Is it love... since i did
break his heart. I cant deny i aint thought of him these
past 2 weeks. And he has texted me from time to time
aswell, not always nice txt's though

The past couple of nights i have been having dreams bout
u, John. i keep dreaming that were together.when u dream
its supposed to be something in ur mind that u desire,
something that u think bout or concerns u or fear and it
brings it out in a dream or a nitemare. I wonder what it

Im ok, reali i am. I just was shook up angel, i mean i
didnt want to hear his voice, i dont wanna recieve txts
off him, i dnt wanna c him, cause i think i may give in.
Even at this moment, am listening to a song he told me to
listen to, that is him. Behind Blue Eyes- Limp Bizkit.

I was happy alex!i was happy without hearing U on the
fone, i was happy not thinking bout U like i am now, i was
happy! and U ruined it! U never wanted me happy, U never
let me go and do stuff on my own. U always said i was to
scared. Well ur WRONG! im not scared anymore, I faced my
fear.... I let go of u.....................

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