Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2005-05-21 02:14:46 (UTC)

Freaky Friday

ok so when I got up this morning one of the 1st things
Shuanna's mom said to me was "today is freaky friday" and
I didn't give much thought to it but let me summarize why
she was right
1st I woke up in the middle of a dream of me being
sexually propositioned by Rufus Wainwright and I actually
contemplated having gay sex
then when I got up shaunna, her mom and I were all wearing
similar pajamas (colors and such)
then no matter how hard i tried to get going this morning
we just couldn't
and then shaunna and I went to go pick up my car and
someone broke into it
they took everything
and so I had to come home as spend the rest of my day
making phone calls and doing research
i have to cancel my bank account and I have to get a new
license and a new social security card
all before tuesday so I can take my flight
and my mom says she can't remember the combo to the safe
my birth certificate is in
so yeah lots of fun and very very strange
yeah the only thing good that happened today is I got
rufus tickets and they didn't take my cd player (i guess
cause they couldn't get it out)
people SUCK
anywho thought I'd share