The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-05-21 01:30:25 (UTC)


Dear Diary

Hey Diary! What it is!? lol. Well, prom was last night. It
was soooo fun! I loved it! We went on a boat. w00t! I took
Tricia and it was actually not half bad. Amanda like totaly
ditched her. lol. It's ok though. She had something up her
ass. lol. I don't care. Her dress was so fucking ugly.
Amanda's that is. lol.

susan Gwinn brought this guy from church. His name is JOsh.
God he is sooo cute and guess what? I got his number!!!! he
actually took off his break to come see me! AAAWWWW! It was
so sweet.

Mom is being a total bitch! I just asked a fucking question
and got my head bit off! Great to be home right? Not!!!!

I should go now. I'm a little pissed of now. I'll write back
otmorrow and tell you the GOOD things in my life and not the
BAD "mom".


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