2005-05-21 00:58:55 (UTC)

car soon

Tomorrow morning I am going to look at some car with my mom
at the dealership. She is going to co-sign for me. Thank
god! I could basically have a new car by tomorrow night
probably. Its actually a really good deal. Its a saturn
sl2? something like that. It has 50,000 miles on it which
is really good for a '98. The guy put on an extra 10 months
on the warrenty... my uncle looked it up on the consumer
reports and he said that it was def. worth it. It is 5900.
Yay. So if I like it... its mine. My mom is going to put
down $500 as my grad present... and i am putting down $500.
My goal is to get it paid off by the time i start college.
And now this means that i get to move in with my baby a
whole lot sooner. I'm really excited. But i need to get my
shit straightened out with school and go every single day.
Tonight Nat wants to do something and Claudia wants to hang
out but i dont feel like doing anything right now. I have a
ton of homework to do, and i need to clean my room. Soon i
have to start packing. This is so weird!!!! but anyways i
gotta go! Tim is on a fishing trip right now with his
dad... he left yesterday and he wont be back until sunday.

:( I miss him

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