Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-05-21 00:45:53 (UTC)

Dancing In the Rain

ok so hmm Tuesday night- After I finished my position
paper Ryan McDiarmid came and picked me up and we went to
Chelsea's and watched Ladder 49 and it was a pretty good
time. He drove me home too and I totally didn't realize
how much he talks! lol so now I know him better and that's
pretty cool.
Wednesday- well I was bored so I was on MSN and then Ben
and me were talking and we decided to go to Sev and get
slurpee's because well we're just that cool. And so we met
at the bridge and wow we have really wierd conversations.
So anyways that was fun. He's a pretty cool guy. lol he
was telling me about how his mom made fun of him for going
to Sev with a girl and I was like wow my parents do the
same! And so when I got home my mom was like "Who did you
go to Sev with?" and I was like "Ben" and she was
like "who?" so I attempted to say his last name and she
still didn't know who he was and then she was like "Oh was
he the guy who just left you laying on the mountain?" and
I was like "haha yeah" and she says she'll never forgive
him for that. So that was actually pretty funny. My
parents didn't make fun of me for going somewhere with a
guy- they made fun of the guy I went with. Then me and
Chelsea were talking on the phone after that and Ryan had
gone over to her house to watch a movie and man is that
guy ever messed up. lol he likes me and Chelsea but he's
gonna ask out some Kristin chick. lol wierdness. So
anyways the night before I was like "I want my first kiss
to be in the rain" because the people on the movie were
kissing and I just thought of that. And apparently Ryan
just randomly said "I'm gonna make her dream come true" to
Chelsea. So apparently he's gonna kiss me in the rain as a
friend. So that pretty much made my night. Because Chelsea
said that he said I'm a pretty cool girl and lots of fun
or something. But anyways it was nice to have a guy
compliment me. Even if it wasn't to my face. So it was
really nice of her to tell me about that. Then Kayla
phoned me....


That definately made my night the greatest ever. Even if
the whole Ben and Ryan things didn't happen I still woulda
had an amazing night. So when Kayla told me I got
incredibly happy and I was jumping up and down in the
kitchen and like squealing and my mom came down stairs and
was like "what's wrong?" and I was just beaming. lol I
couldn't stop being all smiley and happy for the rest of
the night and I smiled so much I got a headache. How
pathetic is that? Pretty funny though. So yes MOST AMAZING
Thursday- There was the confirmation banquet at the church
and it didn't start till 6:30 but we had to be there at
like 5 for pictures. So that was retarded. I took my mom's
iPod so I wouldn't die of absolute boredom. So Michelle
was being a grump and refusing to have her picture taken
so I was like "screw this" and I went outside and went on
the swings while I listened to music. Then Danielle came
out and joined me and we had a great time swinging and
singing our hearts out. Aren't we the cool ones? Haha then
Annette came and the three of us were swinging and
singing. haha. And then it started thundering and
lightning-ing (lol) and I was excited because even though
I'm scared of thunder I love thunderstorms. Then it
started raining so we went inside before I killed my mom's
iPod. But then me and Danielle wanted to go out in the
rain so we ran/walked around the church. And we
(especially me) got drenched. And it was great. Even
though my dad was totally pissed off at me. Then it was
hailing and Caitlin was like "omg lets go outside!" and I
was like "no my dad will KILL me!" so me and Annette and
Caitlin grabbed each others hands and ran out into the
storm. Yes my dad was mad and he told me to act my age but
I didn't care. I love the rain, so why not dance in it? As
a matter of fact I did wanna dance in it. Take off my
shoes and go out into the middle of the road and just
dance in the puddles. So yes. Supper was good. Michelle
and Steven were so grumpy, but I got them and Danielle and
like everybody laughing. So it was great. My dad was mad
and I was like "well this supper coulda been crappy
because people were grumpy but I made it better! Geez!" So
yeah. Even me and Annette winging it at our speech was
pretty good. So yeah. After I got to drive home. Haha.
Well we didn't die. Then at like midnight I decided to
watch "Raise Your Voice" and I cried. It's definately a
good movie. Anyways I'm about to rollerblade to Sev with
Katie and Kayla so I'd better go.
Love you all!

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