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2005-05-20 21:48:04 (UTC)

Strike Talk-politics of an unsavoury nature-a rant I'm sure I'll forget

[Posted this originally yesterday morning, 19 May 2005,
about quarter after noon, then deleted it in a pique of
anger produced by a reaction of a friend who read it - and
it wasn't even really about what I wrote but why I wrote it
but it's far more complicated than that, so now that I'm
over my litte revenge tactics (bah, how stupid! [-snorts-
] as if anyone cares what I post or delete in here and as
if anyone could really be considered to have been the
victim of revenge by a deletion in here!!! Stupid girl!
LOL...} I've decided to repost. Be offended. Don't be
offended. It doesn't bother me one way or the other. And
by the way? The government (Canadian) survived the vote -
by ONE voice, the Speaker's, the first time in history a
confidence motion has been decided by the speaker...holy
shit, politics can be so good sometimes but so so bad more
and more often lately...[-sighs-] So...here it is...back
up again...K2]

You know what?

Let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR.

I'm not part of the union that is on the verge of striking
and I'm not technically employed by the management. I'm
sort of in a weird 3rd-party position here at the moment.

But lest anyone think anything else, let me set this

I will not cross a picket line.

And if the world caved in and I did cross a picket line
because I'm in a weird bubble space where none of it really
applies to me anyway, I will not work for my supervisors
who are planning on crossing the picket-line from Day 1.

How could I? I know everyone needs a pay cheque and this
and that. I know that this union isn't what it should be
in many ways. I know all of this but unless there are some
really compelling reasons to know months in advance you
will break a strike, I don't buy it. You don't support the
union? Take it inside. Isn't that something like Rule #1
of bargaining? Always present a united front? Difficult
to do when your members cross the line from 0930 on the
first day. Funnily enough, the two supervisors I have that
have announced they will break the line (for the second
time for at least one of them, if not a third time) are
probably the two that are in most need of union
protection. Funny that.

You'll never guess that fucking Wheezie is one of them.

I hate this shit so much. Strikes suck for everyone. But
even worse is the office environment when strike talks are
on. In an environment that can already be quite polarised
and divisive, this is the nail in the coffin. It is just
foreign to me, though, how people who work in union


It is just foreign to me, though, how people who work in
union-reigned jobs with union-derived benefits and union-
won work conditions and this and that and the other, can
then turn their backs on it all and say fuck you.

I know this union doesn't work as well as it should. I
know there are problems. But you sometimes have to take
the good with the bad.

But the thing that bothers me the MOST is that people can't
have a rational discussion. Tempers flare. People get
angry. I don't understnd it. Yesterday you were eating
lunch together and playing cards and today you are ready to
tear each other apart.

I'm sick of people acting like animals in general. I'm
sick of inept bargaining teams on both sides who know
contracts come due on a certain date in a certain year and
they can't get their acts together over a number of years
to avoid this type of situation. I'm sick of no one
listening to each other. I'm sick of mistrust and distrust
and suspicion. I'm sick of people thinking that others are
evil or bad because of their views. Yeah, I have strong
views, but you'll never catch me telling someone they don't
have the right to their opinion. You may, on occasion (!)
and especially with Wheezie, catch me disparaging a point
of view or seven hundred and I might not always give an
idea the proper respect/time of day that it deserves, but
you know what? It guilts me for days after I realise I was
in error and I do my best to rectify the situation. I'm
far from perfect and have my own hot temper and angry
disposition and fighter in me, in my own way, but I also
think that anyone who knows me knows I can almost always
see both sides, that I'm a fence sitter because I talk
myself out of my own opinions b/c I can see the other side
so well and that I respect people's opinions, and that
includes healthy debate and dissention. It does include
yelling and screaming and telling people they suck and
making big deals over nothing and generally contributing to
a negative atmosphere. It just doesn't.

And, while I sort of digressed into this topic - since when
did the tone of debate in politics and the public realm
have to descend into outright bashing and denigration and
meanness? It's bullshit. In Canada, the idiot Stephen
Harper is trying to bring down the minority government and
claims that the Grits' moves to stave off defeat in the
vote (appointing senators from Tory ranks, etc.) is playing
politics. Well, I ask you, Mr. Harper, since the Grits
were elected in greater numbers than you were, since the
country is not on the brink of disaster, since a scandal
happened with the Grits but is being dealt with, and since
you even got the PM to the brink and he up-ended your plans
by declaring he would hold an election 30 days after the
release of the report about the scandal (due in December of
this year, I think), I ask you EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK ARE
YOU DOING? Certainly not playing politics by trying to
topple a perfectly viable government before the end of
May. Certainly not playing politics by forcing a vote and
hoping for an early election that will cost the tax payers,
already outraged by a scandal caused by the governing party
and not yours, another 300 million dollars or so. Mr.
Harper, you claim you are doing this for the good of the
country, for the good of the people. I defy you to find me
someone who really thinks watching another 300 million
dollars go down the tube earlier than it needs to is for
the good of the country. I defy you to explain to me
reasonably why you are doing something so stupid as to turn
public opinion against you when you could have six glorious
months of hammering home how stupid the other side is
(since that is the style of late, hammering home the
stupidity of the others). This is the same party (under a
new alliance of two conservative parties) that tried to
block giving Nelson Mandela honorary citizenship, with one
vote dissenting, because he was a terrorist. My god.

I'm descending into things that aren't well written and not
elegantly argued. I just don't understand why people can't
see the big picture. Why the trees block the view of the
forest. I used to love politics - everything about it.
Everything. I used to want to go into politics and I know
I'd be great at it. Maybe not as someone out in public so
much as behind the scenes, a kingmaker my friends used to
peg me as. Spin doctor, policy planner, all the things I
love. The only problem is I can barely stand to turn on
the news now. I can barely stomach seeing the face of
Stephen Harper. I can barely handle hearing the same
old "don't play politics" bullshit that comes from the side
who is playing the worst, most petty kind of politics. I
am trying to present this fairly, though not to strenuously
engaged in doing so. I suppose you'll find my biases are
completely transparent and I'll be conceived as being a
bleeding-heart liberal.

So be it. I call it like I see it. I see a world around
me where the value of human decency, the value of opinions,
the value of knowledge and truth and education and debate
and freedom to be different is being crushed by small-
minded, small-hearted people who can't see much past their
own nose. Stephen Harper and his band of cronies will have
us going the route of the U.S. soon if he had his way. God
help us all when North America becomes, as a whole, a
fortressed, insular, unrecognizable state with single-
minded purpose and intent: protect us at the expense of
everything else. Be scard of everything. Trust no one.

What a terrible way to live. I have faith that Canada can
stay strong even in the face of all of this...Socially we
have many divergent views from those south of the border,
most notably on same-sex marriage and soft drugs such as

I just...

I don't like this. I don't like the changes I'm seeing.
And ever since George W. Bush came into town, I don't like
the cold shoulder he's been giving us for no reason. We
don't agree with you on everything so you can treat us
bad? Fuck off. You would have had no stauncher ally than
Canada after your country was attacked but you know what?
You let down the side, Mr. Bush. Your side and Canada's.
Instead of using an approach of understanding, you
hardlined everyone into a corner they didn't want to
inhabit and you made this a conflict and controversy that
was completely unnecessary. And I've got news for you.
Despite what you might think, you weren't the only country
affected. Americans weren't the only people affected.
Yeah, I know people who were in those towers. Relatives of
friends died. And when Canadians flooded the services and
Embassies with flowers and well-wishes and sympathy and
tears, when I found myself standing outside your Embassy
crying in the middle of the street, I MEANT IT. I WANTED

I had faith in you all.

You broke it. You all broke it. Go ahead and complain
that people hate the U.S. unjustly. Out of all the good
your country as done...out of all the wonderful, amazing
people you have...out of all the remarkable achievements
you've accomplished...you rode into town with your stupid
cowboy act and your stupid cowboy hate and your stupid
cowboy boots and your "I'm one of the people" attitude
where you've never known how to be one of the people a day
in your pampered-overindulged-spoiled luxurious life and
screwed it all up for everyone.

You made your fucking bed and now you're too fucking weak-
kneed and cowardly to lie in it. Some fucking cowboy you

You know what?

Fuck you.

Fuck you all.


P.S.: in case anyone thinks my "fuck you" sentiment is
directed at anyone other than politicians, please read
Please. [-sigh-] K2