Play With Me
2005-05-20 17:03:55 (UTC)

yes today

well this is tha deal: Tha other day, i found out that
Eric had been lying to me about getting off tha phone wid
me. All those times he said he had to go because his
brother needed tha phone, or he had chores, or tha phone
needed charging was tha most popular one. He never
mentioned to me that he was getting off tha phone to talk
to another chik on tha other line. Well, he still didnt kno
that me and Arin talked, and it was wednesday already.
well, i wasn't about to call him, so i called brittany
instead. Brittany wsa to call eric and say that at skool, i
told her to call eric and tell him that i was out of
minutes on my phone but it was important that i see him
tonight. I waited until she called me back, and when she
did, she told me he wasnt coming. So im pissed, and my
immediate reaction is wtf is going on and why. Now, eric
has siezures and heart problems. and when we started
dating, he made me promise that when he needed me, i would
be there for him. well, eric said to tell me that he
couldnt come because he had something really wrong with him
and was leaving that minute to tha emergency room, but that
i would understand because i always do. So by this point im
freakin out ya kno, like holy shit, i cant break up with
him now, an what if somethin was really adn seriously wrong
with him? i mean i still love him, but i will get over
that...eventually. NAywayz, my mom is all like " he's
bullshittin you, there aint nothin wrong with that boy." So
then im like i call up Arin, and i tell her that
i need her to call eric and see what's up. So when she
calls me back she says " I just got off of tha phone with
eric, he said he 'freshning up'. so i asked him why he was
freshning up and he said he was like because he was walking
down tha road. well, i thought he was just going to get
cigarettes but then he said he was meeting someone. I asked
him if it was a girl and he said what do you think?" so
basically...eric lieed to me nad told me that he was in tha
emergency room so he could cheat on me. Ima call him from
tha blackout tonight an dleave him. I dont feel like typing
***Chik is giving dude head right across tha room and i
saw it and that was sik and shantel is freakin out**