2005-05-20 14:22:48 (UTC)

Email to Shelley.....2

Well what a nice weekend i'm having. I spent yesterday
morning chatting with justin and his dad, and justin
got to chat with his dad too and he was so happy. Then
we got done chattin and i packed up and headed for my
dads. Everything went fairly smooth, cept i got
halfway to my dads b4 i realized i forgot my meds.
Good thing my grandma's and my dad's are only about 20
minutes from each other!

Dad and Arelene (my step-mom) and i went to eat at a
steakhouse type place last night. Ya know, one of
those casual type places where you eat peanuts while
you wait and throw the shells on the floor? It was
great. We had one of those huge fried onions. Then i
had a giant bacon cheeseburger and fries. Then we had
pecan pie with ice cream. I was so full! It was great!
Grannie cooks well, but she eats an 80 yr olds portion
sizes, and thinks i should too, so i never seem to get
full. But i did last night! Then we went to a
furtniture store, and they picked out a new couch they
want. Oh shelley it's so adorable. Their house is a
very country theme, roosters everywhere, and country
type decorations. She does neat things like taking an
old chicken coupe and putting sunflwers and greenery
all over it. And last night they found a denim sofa
and it's adorable. She and i are gonna make some
pillows out of red and yellow bandanas for the new
couch. I was so full from dinner i layed on the couch
at the store and almost fell asleep lol.

Then we came back home and i went to bed early. I was
tired! I slept well. I always sleep great here b/c
it's so peacefull out in the middle of no where, and
the bed is amazingly comfortable. They have an extra
bedroom set up for any of us kids to use when we
visit. Elvis and rusty are having so much fun playin
with my dad's 2 dachshunds dexter and buster. IT's so
cute seing all 4 of them. Dexter is the smallest, then
buster, then rusty, then elvis is the big boy. They
all get along pretty good. I'm going to try and take
some pictures of them later. Also, i'm going to go
ride the 4-wheeler around and look for some good
pictures to take. I like taking pictures of leaning
fenceposts, the old barn, or a squirrel sitting in the
middle of the road. I'm not the best picture taker,
but it's fun. There are a lot of picure oppertunities
here on the farm. It's 75 and sunny today, so it's a
great day for it. Wish i didn't have to wear a hat and
a jacket and sunscreen, but oh well that's lupus huh.
I can just remember all the summers i came down here
and rode in a tank top and shorts and didnt have a
care in the world. Now, i'll have to take a handfull
of alergy pills to try and keep from getting sick from
all the tall grass, and cover myself up like a
vampire! But things could always be worse right?
Justin will be jealous when i tell him i rode the
4wheeler. Thats his favorite thing to do.

Well i'll go now. I'm gonna wait a bit so hopefully i
can talk to justin, then go out an see what i can find
to take pictures of. Hope you have a great day! Love
you lots -Jasmin

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