2005-05-20 11:43:47 (UTC)

It's A Boy!!!

I can't believe it! I was so happy when they told me it was
a boy. I even cried, which I normally don't do over stuff
like that. I could tell my husband was happy too. He was
saying it will be a future linebacker, or a disc golf
champion. My daughter wasn't happy though. She really
wanted a sister but I don't think she understand that she
won't be able to play with it right away. I tried to tell
her when the baby's old enough to play with, you'll
probably won't want to play with him. That didn't matter,
She was still mad. I guess she'll be ok in time.

Now the challenge is finding a name. I'm not very good at
boy names. My husband keeps picking names that I think are
weird, like Dino and Ace. I don't know. I like the names
Nicholas and Conner, but he don't like them. I have a
feeling we will be fighting over this for a long time.

My husband seems to be in a good mood lately. I just wish I
knew why he's been having a hard time sleeping at night. He
stays he has nightmares and that his back hurting keeps him
awake. I don't know if it's the medicine, bed, or something
wrong with his back that's making him this way. I keep
trying to get him to get an x-ray of his back, but he won't
do it. Stubborn man, I swear. I just pray that it's nothing
serious and that he gets better soon.

Lord thank You for letting the baby be a boy. I was so
happy and I know that You decide things in life like that.
Please let this baby be a blessing to my family and keep
our family together and strong. Help my daughter accept her
brother and be happy too. Help my husband figure out what
to do with his life so he will be happy. Help him be able
to get a good nights sleep and make his pains go away.
Thank You so much for everything you have done for me and
everyone I love. Watch over all of us and keep us with you
always. Amen.

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