~*Sexc Blonde*~

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2005-05-19 22:22:52 (UTC)

Kiss me and fuck me

k! Im soo happy! I finally saw him 3 days ago!!! what a
releave! I thought he was like dead or something! lol! Like
2 days ago I bought sexy PJ's! and I wuz like listening 2
music and like dancing in my PJ's with the blinds up and
everything and the lights on! and when I looked outside I
saw him starring at me! OMG! Thats soo embrassing! anyway
it was all jokes! I was like "hi, whats up"! and my mom was
like who r u talking too??? she looked out and saih "hi"
too! WTF! every time I see him I always say k bye ma, im
goin to see my bf! and she gets soo pissed! lol! anyway
thats all boring shit! This weekend were goin out!!!!
haaaa! Im soo excited! I hope we go jammin! I hope we get
all fucked up and shit! lol! Cant wait!



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