Hollow Years
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2005-05-19 20:58:09 (UTC)

Please don't let me fade away...

(8)This is the first day of my life, glad i didnt die
before i met you(8)

Me and linzi had a argument today :( wah wah!!! but were
good lol :) and i love her :)

Leaver's mass tonight was boring.

I wanted go manchester tomorroe or sat and anna cant go im
so upset about it oh well atleast illl get see everyone on
sat day

Alex ignored me im sure hes fell out with me tut

Urmmmmmmm yeah thats about it

(8) Linzi, ill love you forever and ever lets make this
marriage last forever (8)

My Wife Is The Best!!! lol

Anyway bye-de-bye

Song: Bright eyes - first day of my life
Mood: crap

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