Living on love
2005-05-19 20:15:55 (UTC)

When Otto found Ana ...........

See, Ana found her Otto at age 15/16. At an incredibly
young age. Little did Ana know she had a long long long
and rocky road to travel before Otto would crown her as
his Ana.......

But, she did knew who her Otto was, but what are the odds
that a girl will be THE Ana of her Otto? Very very very
very slight chance....... No, I don't think it's fair that
it's that hard to find, 'cause I think everybody deserves
to be super-mongoviously happy (just like I am!)and I
don't think Ana's should settle for Bob, Jan, Diego or
Charles, nor that Otto's should marry a Julie, Bianca,
Tina and Astrid.

Then again first you'd have to believe in Otto and

It has been about 3 weeks since my Otto told me I was and
always will be his Ana. So, my world has been different
ever since......never to be the same again.....

The feeling of being the Ana of your Otto can not be
expressed in words. Sounds cliche, but it is true. And if
not describable in words how does one tell and share the
feeling with others?

Maybe think about every single expression of love ever
written....a story, a poem, a song, a movie, a line,
anything..... break it down to the smallest of
pieces.....and know and feel that it's all true...Suddenly
all these words are not just beautiful words, they are not
just hopes, wishes, fantasies and or dreams...they are not
just "fairy tales" or sweet love-stories....every single
one of them is real and live deep within you....

......and you're life will forever be this way..........