brianna MOTHER FUCKIN greer

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2005-05-19 14:51:57 (UTC)

yet another day.

Yet another day waking up on this couch. How fun... Well I'm
sitting here, and I'm bored out of my mind. Listening to my
family sit next to me and bash me. It's not a very fun thing
to listen to. My sister came home yesterday, and boy do I
loathe her. It's not really that I loathe HER, but that I
loathe how ridicuos she is and how she thinks that she's so
much better than me and smarter than I am purely based on
grades. But dang yo, that's so whack, I don't care about her
good grades and her perfect life. I care about my life and
where I'm going with it. I care about what I'm doing with my
self. I really could care less about anything that she has
to say about anything that goes on in my life. I just want
to punch her in the face though because she's so ridiculous,
and it's anoying how she truely think that she's hot shit
when all she really is stupid and better watch herself
before I lay her the hell out. I'm sick of everyone right now.
I'm also very sick of Paige at the moment. She knows that
she's a little slut and she needs to stop messing with
Mikey's head and treat HIM right. He treats her right but
she's just ridiculous. She's always trying to start shit
with him and she gets everyone against him. She's scheeming
on that man. Though, I usually am the one scheeming I don't
really care for people to scheme on those whom I care for.
She needs to straighten up for real. I know that I scheme
alot, but on the real she needs to back the hell off my ish
before I freak out. Besides that

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