About a Girl
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2005-05-19 04:39:35 (UTC)

I'm just sick and tired of all those lies

so turns out calvin told matt that im easy and he could
get it whenever he wanted it and im a skank..luckily matt
knows that's not at the end of drama i went up
to calvin and i wuz like i heard wut u said..and he's all
like ya we were gossiping and it wuz bad..but he said it
like he wuz proud or sumthing....maybe im making too big a
deal..all guys exagerrate..and itz kinda funny cuz we
didn't go all that far..but still..he shouldn't use me to
brag and lie and say bullshit..i hate it..i got my revenge
with the burn on his bday but now i feel like he's got
control..wut he said bugs me so much and i don't really
know why..he's a fuckwit..when i burned him i wuz telling
the truth..he shouldn't be allowed to say bullshit about
me and get away with it..