2005-05-19 04:11:02 (UTC)

20 more days and counting....

only 20 more days until i see keane live at radio city
music hall in nyc (june 7th). jessica, john, blake, and i
are going...omg soooo psyched!! if you've never listened
to their stuff, def check it out. I also just found out
yesterday that coldplay is coming sept 3rd to the pnc bank
arts center and tixs go on sale on sat june 4th. blake and
i are going to try to get tixs before they sell out...i
hope i can see them bc i LOVEEEEEEEEE THEM!!!!!!!! they're
like my fav band!!!

anyways...im sure it will be another longgggggg day at
work tomorrow with the update and all. my shift is 8am-
1pm. i dunno why i decided to do be a part of the impact
team, lol. its 12:10am now and i have to be up by 630 so
i'd better go...love yas! xOxO

PS....star wars episode III tomorrow @ 730pm w/ blake!!!

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