Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-05-19 03:09:45 (UTC)

cough ... cough again .. cough ..

Today. Ravon kept going over about how the car broke down,
and how her mother was mad at her. Im sorry. Thats all I
can say to anyone. Im sorry, I cant change what I did, but
even if I could, I wouldn't.
I learned something yesterday. And what everyone has to
realize, especially ravon, is that, they DID make a
diffrence. Every last one of them. And just because I
chose to do it anyway, it doesnt mean that they didnt make
that diffrence. I had planned to do it for two nights, and
nothign was going to stop me.
I knew what I had to do, and I dont regret doing any of
it. Even though my wrist burns and stings with every
movement I just keep thinking, "theyve went through worse"
and I go on, like nothing happened.
But something did happen. I had forgotten who I was in the
heat of all this emotion and pent up rage. Redundant in
its own.
I forgot me, the happy go lucky sexy little christmas elf,
who never wastes a second of life. And if it takes a blade
and near death experience to show me my old self, so be
This wrist band itches like none other though.
I am Amber. I am unique, and I know it. I live every
second like it's my last, take nothign for granted. Time
flies by, and you dont know what youve got until its gone.
Its important to live, not live as in make yourself a part
of the world, to blend in with the crowd and live a NORMAL
life, live as in be happy and have fun, time is too short
for things to just work out, you have to try and fix
things yourself.
How much time is left is not the important thing, the
important thing is how you use what's given.

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