my diary
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2005-05-19 02:23:16 (UTC)

more than just a song

Have you ever heard a song on the radio that took you back
to another place, or touched you in such a way that it
almost brought tears to your eyes. It’s amazing that a
simple song has the power to define a part of our life.
There are some songs that not only define a part of our
life, but act as a reminder of not only our past, but of
some person in our past. And these songs always come at
the most unexpected time, often when we are busy with a
million other thoughts running through our head. We are
flipping through the channels and then we hear it, some
song that erases all those meaningless thoughts, and
before we know it, we are traveling back in time.

It happened to me the other day, only I wasn’t flipping
through the different radio stations. I found an old tape
that wasn’t in a case, and yes sadly my old car still
lacks a CD player. So I put the tape in my player and a
song came on that was one of those that had the power to
erase all other thoughts from my mind. I had to smile as
I remembered when I had someone listen to that song, it
was a song that had been so fitting for that moment, and
it seems to still fit now. I love how songs have that
amazing power too, they have the capability of putting
into words feelings and emotions we can’t find the words
to describe.

I listened to the song a few times, smiling at the
bittersweet memories it brought to mind. I love that most
about songs, they are these nice little reminders of
moments and people in our past. We become so busy with
our everyday lives and worries that we sometimes forget
about those special moments, those special people. Songs
are ways of bringing those moments and people to mind.

The song I heard brought to mind someone who is never far
from my thoughts anyway, but it still made me smile, still
made me think about him and wonder how he was doing at
that very moment. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was in
his thoughts too, had he been flipping through the
stations at that very moment and heard a song that
reminded him of me? This is just one of the many songs
that define that part of my life, this one perhaps more
than any other. The person I thought of when I heard this
song is one I haven’t seen in months, but I see reminders
of him everywhere I go, Lonely September, is just one of
those many reminders….