Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2005-05-19 00:59:49 (UTC)

*sigh* again

I have officially decided that I am seriously going to get
over Trevor. And if you guys really want to you guys can
tell him I had a crush on him. I don't care for it
anymore. I hate the entire situation. i kinda want him to
know but then if he does then I won't get over it.

Our presentation sucked we kept forgetting and/or
butchering our lines. *sigh* we'll see how it goes on
friday. I hate sivitilli and I hate george they are both
arrogant freaks.

I hate PE because I have no one to really talk to and Zoey
is a little brat. And well Steven, you can get a little
annoying sometimes.

Thought of the Day:

I fell so down right now. I hate people today.