*~*Silent Tears*~*

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2005-05-18 18:43:42 (UTC)

Finally looking up

Well things took a turn for the worse today, but after
they took a turn for the better. Mike and I finally had
it out, and decided that our cutting was hurting
eachother, so we are going to stop together, I promised.
We had a hard time finally sitting down and talking, but
well we did at long last. It is going to be hard for me,
cuz idk about Mike, and I am afraid to admitt it, but I
know that it is true, I am addicted to cutting. However,
I made a promise, and I swear I will keep it. I don't
make promises I can't keep. This time there is not try,
there is do, and I will. I will stop, because I must. I
will find another way. Also, I am thinking a lot about
something that a friend of mine, Avi told me about. It is
called codependency and frankly it sounds so much like me
that it is scary. I don't know if I will talk to a
professional about it, because if I do, then I woul have
to bring the idea up to my parents first. They will
probably say not to worry about it, and they are most
likely right, it is just something to consider in the mix
of things that swim in my head. I am feeling better about
myself right now though, or at least better than I have in
a LONG time and anyone who knows me will admitt to that.
Umm well Emilee wants to read, so I will be done for now!
C ya kids, lol. Emmie, don't kill me for stealing the
word! It is your fault that you keep saying it, lol.
Love ya all! Bye!

*~*Silent Tears*~*