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2005-05-18 17:32:42 (UTC)

The Bandana

Danielle, yes you are right, we have gron apart. We
are very different tha we both used to be. whether you kno
it or not, you too have changed, even if it is ever so
slightly. Yes, i do admit i have changed much more than
you, but do you really think that all tha people that i
talk to are anywhere nearly as close to me as you are??? Am
i talking about moving anyone besides you into my house
when my people move, so that you and Louie can be safe? am
i talking about really trusting anyone except you? I have
never gave any idea that there is someone who is placed
above you on any scale at all. I have always been there for
you and i always will and you kno that as well as any of
these wannabe muthafuckers out there. Wannabe people, who
try to act like me, and be around me, and fit in with me,
there is still noone who understands me quite as well as
you and i doubt there will ever be anyone that way, and i
kno that it is tha same way for you. We have put up with so
much from me and I from you too. Like we have always said,
i hate society. There is nothing there for me wholely. If i
can benefit from someone, than ya kno ill talk to them. It
doesnt mean we are friends are anything. Its like Tupac and
Led Zepplin for example, they used to chill wid alot of
people, doesn't mean they were friends wid them. one
person's got tha weed, you can chill. One person's got tha
money, you can chill. One person's got tha connections, you
can chill. I do this alot. Danielle, we all kno how
important my bandana is, well actually, i dont kno if you
do or not. My bandana is a symbol. It stands out, and says
attention! Achtung! this is me, i command this. It shows my
authority. that i feel over others in a sense. Not stuk up,
but that my power and will is above all others. I take my
bandana off to you, i ackowledge you. i have never taken my
bandana off to anyone. It is my distinction from everyone
else. And as a symbol of this, when your baby is born, and
we will video tape it, and i am there, i will personally
take my bandana off to Louie. As a sign to you and him. It
will be a true moment. And it is tha symbolism that counts!
And i will make Louie a bandana to fit him. A nice soft
one, black and purple with a heartagram with tha kbm an
dcdm and all that on there. My bandana is so important to
me, and i will always have it like i will always have you.