This is your life
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2005-05-18 07:40:06 (UTC)

Please don't ever forget

- Before I left my wife I used to wake up in the middle of
the night and walk into the front room and stare out the
window and wonder why I felt empty. I would watch the city
for hours before going back to bed. And when I did, my wife
would get mad at me for waking her up. The last time that I
got up in the middle of the night I didn’t go back to bed.

I just disappeared. -

I promise YOU, with all my heart, with every ounce of soul
that consumes this hollow shell of me, that I will never
give up on you and i'll always be here when you need me.

Your wonderful; the least of things to say. Your beautiful
- inside and outside - more than you think you know. I'd
die to be half the person you are. Your ambition, your
smile, your strength, your everything. It's sobering
without you.