Flying on broken wings
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2005-05-18 05:21:58 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Hiiiiiiiiiiii, um, I really don't know what to say right
now but I'm on the phone with Kevi. ^-^ You'll never guess
where he lives. Cause I have no idea any more ;; I...okay,
maybe I do, but that's not the point. It's 12:02 and I have
no idea what to say any more.

P.S. Uncle lives in Japan.

Can you tell that I'm being really random? .....and Keven
is a really fast typer. *giggle* Yay ^-^ Oh, and diary, if
you can't tell, I'm on the phone and Keven is typing. Thus
why the typing style is different, (note, this is now Keven
speaking ^^; Unfortunately my typing isn't all that good,
fast, but have to constantly go back to fix things ^^;;
aaaanyway, on to more fun conversations! back to Amy ^^; )
Yaaaaay *jumps up and down.* Oh and for you readers, Kevi
sorta sounds like a girl, even though that's the only cute
thing about him (... hey .. ) Oh, and if I failed to
mention before, I've never really seen him, I've spoken to
him, and he sounds like a girl. ( I don't sound like a
girl . I may have feme speach patterns but still..) *
blushes deeply and hits Kevi* (Itai .! ) He's being a
pervert! ( Am not o.o; ) *runs trying to find amber* Amber,
he won't quit purring! (I only purred for a few seconds
o.o;; ) *thinks for a second* Kevi, oswari! (Ano... I'm not
like InuYasha o.o;; *sweatdrop* ) Well it worked in my
thoughts... anyway.. you know, if you don't behave,
I'm gonna go tell my family on you. ( but... okei.. )

I don't have anything to think about right now, but even if
I did have anything it wouldn't make it to paper anyway
right now. Um, anyway, and people, I'm not stupid, just
slow at night. (You aren't slow, just sleepy and hyper.) Oh
yeah.. I finally got my prom pictures in. My mom gave me
the cd with them all on it. I felt like a model, and now I
see why, I looked like one, although an ugly one.(You sure
as hell are not ugly -.- ) Anyway, Kevi's phone keeps
beeping, someone seems to really be trying to call, it's
kinda funny, but his message box is always full (mom turned
it off, so it says it's full.) I am more manly then
keven... *runs around in circles* yay! (you are not . )
*blinks some, looking at Keven.* (yes?) You have long hair
like a girl, you know that right? (hey, my hair isn't all
that long.) *giggles, leans forward and taps Kevi on the
nose.* Haven't you noticed this isn't going anywhere
intelligent? (But randomness is fun.) yeah, sometimes, when
you think about it. *frowns, looking over at keven and
crossing her arms over her chest, sticking her tounge out
at him.* You're no fun. (Eh?) *shrugs some* I don't know.
And so, thus this ends, my randomness, yup... maybe this is
really good night at 12 something.

- Amy - 12:21 AM