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2005-05-18 05:06:03 (UTC)

Work, Bowling, Komets, and Friends

Well I was suppose to work this whole week Monday-Friday
930-4, well come today the manager came up to me and wanted
to know if I would take more hours, of course I said yes,
because I could use the extra money to start saving to move
out. So now I work Wednesday-Friday 7am-4pm. It shouldnt
be that bad, I mean its only 9 hours of lifting boxes of
stuff and delivering them to customers. Well I've been
doing pretty good there so far and its kinda fun.

Monday Night marked the 1st time Ashley and I bowled in our
Monday doubles league. We went 0-4 the first week bcuz we
didnt show up LOL...we went 3-1 the last week, then this
week we went 4-0. So yeah since we've been going we are 7-
1. On Monday Ashley shot a 571 (way to go teddy bear)and I
shot a 622, we did prety well as a doubles team shooting a
1193. Well if you would like to come watch us bowl, we
bowl next Monday night at 630 at Georgetown Bowl.

I'm only saying one thing tonight about the Komets, they
sucked it up on Monday night, start playing some better
defense and play like you can.

I've been talking with Ashley alot these past couple of
days. Just talking and being good friends to each other.
I'm glad that we are friends. Its just been amazing
spending time with her, I mean normal friends talk to each
other, but to me its different we have this special
friendship bond, that we know each other pretty well.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams to all,
*Joshua Ryan*