Technically Speaking...
2005-05-18 04:21:53 (UTC)


Oh...I feel so tired of doing absolutely NOTHING!!! I know
I gotta excercise. My ML is getting on my nerves, Pls...
Stop being so nosy!!! I'm not going to talk to Bob ever
again in my life, is true I got a lot of time to do
whatever, but come'n, even w/that said, my time is
valuable, not worth of removing crap.

This is one of those days that I loooove my hubby. I had a
weird dream, I was getting married, again! to him, and
weirdly enough, in it we knew we were married, so?
but I wasn't happy w/ the shrimp that was going to be
served, and told the caterer something like, this is way
too cold, u are not going to serve this, right?
I'm sure this symbolizes my ML, cold and pushy, is like why
people don't show concern when u
need them? Some stick their noses in our lives when
everything (thank God!)is flowing nicely, is like they
can't stand a perfect picture, Give me a :) break,
pleessseee! Just let me enjoy, is something wrong w/that?
Cc gets on my nerves with her unresolved issues, man,
sometimes is so hard to take responsibility for ur life, it
takes a lot of courage to gather ur mess, and move on!!!
alone, that's the x-rated word, alone meaning divorced,
cause u can have an idiot, useless, & worthless arse next 2
U giving it every so & so, and feel so alone cause there's
no paper in between? C'mon, I know, doesn't make sense...Or
at least recognize u are hoocked w/an homo who lets you get
it somewhere else, as long as u pay ur share of the bills
&! WT! That's why u should step back, away from the
whole chaos, look from the distance, analyze the mess
around u,
everything that's eating u, and take some responsibilty,
that is what I should do SOON!

And today is the first day of the rest of my life...One of
my favorites pop sayings...

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