Flying on broken wings
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2005-05-18 02:56:55 (UTC)

A new family

Dear diary,

In role play it's really not that hard to get a family. A
perfect family, a messed up family- but I think that I have
one of the only families that is great and perfect all in
one. They might be a role play family but as far as I can
see it's all that a child can ask for.

My chara is Maria Honio, and her parents are Raya her
mother, and Tatsumaru her father. My anut is Kyoko, she is
married to Ataru. Um... then there is my step father,
Ancho. Oh, and I just thought about something... Shani is
my uncle too, but I am not sure how that works out. Hehe
Well that is all the family that I really know, and im
really happy to be with them. They make me happy, even
though it's not fully real... they are my family... my
ohana that I am so tankful for.

Oh diary, guess what! Well... I didn't write it in here,
but Alissa and I went out-... but thats not the point, we
broke up and today she told me that she is glad that we are
friends, so for that I am truly thankful. Life is wonderful
now... I have everything that I could ever ask for,
friends, and a great second ohana.

Well it's 9:56PM and my throat is really hurting me so I am
going to get a drink. Bye for now diary.

-Amy -9:56PM