Despite all the amputations
2005-05-18 00:50:40 (UTC)


There appears to be something about the number 11 and my
relationship with Sarah.
October 11: I have an actual conversation with Sarah for
the first time. I spend the first 2 periods of the day
trying to think of a way to ask her out. She asks me if I
won't to go to homecoming.
November 11(11/11): Sarah tells me off. I am crushed.
December 11: Comment by Bridget spurs me to go back and
start thinking about what happened between Sarah and I
February 11: Things between Sarah and I have turned back
towards the positive side.
April 11: I try desperatly to get in touch with Sarah but
to no avail.
May 11: I tell Sarah I love her. I cry on her shoulder. I
kiss her.

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