Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-05-17 20:50:42 (UTC)

The man and his horse.

Billy was a very superstiscious man. He lived alone in a
small house, all alone except for his horse, Buck. His
horse was his life. It was his best freind. He'd take him
for rides, and he'd tell him all about his problems. He
loved Buck more then anything else in the world. Buck was
a young horse, barely over five years.
One night, Billy was walking home from the grocery store,
all by himself. There was a woman, dressed in long robes
and shalls. She was glittered with beeds and diamonds. She
was sitting by a little table, with a crystal ball infront
of her.
"How bizare," Billy thought to himself. "What is she doing
out here, at this time of night?" Billy believed strongly
in fate, so he decided to check it out.
She saw him comming, and beckoned him closer. "I will tell
your future," she said in a heavy accent that Billy could
not recognize. "Sit," she commanded. Billy didn't question
her, and sat infront of her on a small plastic chair.
"Do you want me to show you your future?" Billy swallowed
hard and nodded. The gypsi waved her hands around the
crystal ball and concentrated hard.
"You will have an untimely death." Billy gasped with
horror. "The thing you love the most, will kill you."
Billy walked home that night, but didn't visit Buck before
going to bed, like he usaully would.
He layed in bed and the same words were running through
his head. "The thing you love most will kill you."
"Buck," he thought to himself. "I have to get rid of him."
The next day, he sold the horse. He was afraid of death,
and he sought the easy way out.
The next morning, he sold Billy. He refused to say goodbye
to his beloved pet. He would rather see his horse go, then
see himself to his demise.
He got word later that week that Buck had died of cancer.
He was so over welmed with emotion. He thought he could
escape fate by getting rid of the horse, but what had he
done? He hadn't even said goodbye.
he wen't to his horse's grave and cried. "I'm sorry Buck,
I didn't mean to. I was scared, I'm sorry. If I could take
it back, I would." His prayers were cut short by a
ratteling noise. Billy looked up through his sobs, and saw
a rattle snake, staring at him angrily, half emerged from
behind Buck's grave stone. The rattle snake lunged, and
sunk it's venom dripping fangs into Billy's legs. He was
too shocked to react. His vision soon started to falter,
and his mouth went dry. He mouthed the words, "I'm sorry
Buck." and closed his eyes. One final thought passed
through his head. "You can't escape fate."

Billy was tricked into thinking that he could escape fate
by getting rid of his horse. Everythign happens for a
reason, and there are two ways to see life. One being,
that we control our own lives. Everythign we do, we
control. Or number two, everything happens for a reason.
Our lives are like stories, and they're placed together by
unknown powers, and are out of our control.
I believe that everythign happens for a reason. Nothign is
unpredictable. And even though our lives are planned out
for us, its up to us, to costumize them, and live them the
way we should.

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